You are a robot that wakes up in an abandonded factory. Help him find a way out.

Arrow keys. C - Jump. X - Dash.

Music by HoliznaCC0

Made with a hack of Pocket platformer

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Minimalist, Pixel Art, Robots, Short, Side Scroller, Speedrun

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Hahaha. It's been 6 months and I figured I'd return to this game. I definitely have lost my touch and I'm back to my original speed of 1:40:862






omg, what :O 

dang, I don't know if this time is possible with the strats I am using, did you find anything cool?

Now I am just spamming the comments lol

wow. never would have thought this was possible :O

keep on spamming, it's fine :) 

Well well well.

Improvement :)

Woow. Even I, as the developer am far away from this times :)

The main improvement I used over what I assume other people are doing is a trick I call a spike jump, if you dash at a spike but only barely touch the top then press jump, you can cancel you dash and jump off the spike without dying. Its really precise and is basically luck, thought you should know if you want to fix this bug :).

ah, i see :) well it's kinda a bug, that i didn't bother to fix and left in on purpose :D

so feel free to abuse it :) 

Does this game have a speedrun leaderboard? If so what is wr?

wow, that's incredibly good :) there is no official leaderboard atm

current WR is by davidecarolini with 01:04. he posted a video down below, but it's private or removed now.

But i think you are second place!

IF there were to be an official LeaderBoard I think it should be something like this.

Glitchless- Fastest time without using glitches (Dying is allowed)

Using Glitches- Fastest time using glitches (Dying is allowed)

Glitchless Deathless- Fastest time without dying or using glitches

Using Glitches Deathless- Fastest time without dying while using glitches 

Fastest For individual level- Fastest time for a specific level

Original Playthrough time- Fastest time while playing the game for the first time (not sure if this one should be included) 

Would be cool if it was something like this ;-;


Took a break from speedrunning the game but I'm back with 1:17:423!


RoboGo Walkthrought


Thx! :) and that time is really good


Ouw Guy i love this game 


New record PB:01:17:864 


Great achievement :)


Potencial speed and yes deaths 


I am superior PB: 01:25:705



The dashing is creative and the effect is very cool.

Also, the control is smooth. Excellent!

(1 edit) (+2)

PB: 01:32:134


I hit a new record!!!!


I think I did good :)


You did :) congratulations!

I did better now! :D


This is great! I love how resposive and quick it feels to play. The last level was quite tough in a good way, and I had an amazing time playing it!


This was really awesome!! I would totally play more if more levels were made


Thx :) honestly I ran out of ideas by the end, and I'd rather make a new game with a new mechanics now :) 


I would love to see it! This one was really juicy and fun

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Sooo fun! I baked brownies, and watched a video essay while playing this so don't jugde >:)

Time: 52:16:909 deaths: 301


Thx :) hope you enjoyed the muffins


12:39;368 Deaths: 175


1:10:362 - 0 deaths


woa, what? :O not even i am so fast :D 

gotta try to beat that


It can be improved. I made some small mistakes in the path


crazy :) a recording would be super cool, just to see how you do it. but i also trust your word of course :) 



<3 amazing :) i did it similarly, but you seem to be better at it.

i don't see much more room for improvement, but i'll still try to beat it :) 


This inspired me to speedrun the game! My best time is an 1:40:829 - 8 deaths :) (My first ever play through was 17 minutes)


Congratulations! :) that puts you pretty high up in our unofficial leaderboards ^^

how to find hacked version of pocket platformer ...

I made it specifically for that game. You can't find it ^^

Check my profile ai made game with normal version of PP.....update Pocket platformer please if you have cool new things

oh, cool, thx! :) seems pretty fun, i've played about 10 levels for now :) i've put the game in the list of games made with PP:


thanx friend ...your engine is cool i will also make another games with that


2:36 and 17 deaths.

great game :)

The controls are incredibly disorienting. I think Z for jump and X for dash would work a lot better since that's the norm for most games like this.


Z and x works only for English keyboard layouts. Most games use this, but it's generally a bad idea, as that makes them very uncomfortable for other countries. the z button is at the middle-top on the keyboard in Germany f.e. 

Interesting, but that's not the point. X and C would work just as well if their commands were swapped.

ah, ok. well that's also a matter of getting used to something / preference. celeste, maybe the most famous game with a dash, also has c + x as default. i could make z an additional jump button, but for now it will stay that way :P 

Very fun game! I finished it in 3:24 and died 19 times!

Woa, very tight gameplay :o and thx for the video! :)


6:05 and 48 deaths for our team!


Thx! That's quite an achievement :)


hooray, I died only 53 times XD
Nice, tweaked PP Engine and cool graphics :)


thx :) that's a pretty low death-count in comparison :D 

PP - pro gamer :) 


i like the dash and wallgrab mechanics, it is fun.

it doesn't feel right with a keyboard tho.... i recommend implementing gamepad support

thx. yeah, true :) i made an own small engine for that game, maybe i'll add gamepad support to that tool and all games that are made with it :) 


Stylish platformer with tight controls. Playtime around 10 Minutes. Give it a go!