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add a top-view thingy. like. a top-view player enemies and etc. and a cutscene maker maybe?

enemies will come for sure and was also thinking of a cutscene maker :) not sure about top down view, as there are already other engines for this ^^

am i allowed to sell games using this tool?

Well you can. But i honestly wouldn't advise you to, as creating a pay wall just keeps more people away from playing your game. And i honestly don't think a lot of people are willing to pay for pocket platformer games

fair enough

Am I allowed to edit the code in the exported file to make my game more customizable?

Sure :) create something unique

I made a thanksgiving game using this! its called "Get That Pie!"

It was very fun! thx :) 

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such a incredible tool

and is there an option to upload bgm from local disk?

thx :) not yet, sorry. but as a lot of people requestsed this, i might do it in the future

thank you!it really hard to find a online source

Am I allowed to publish games I made with Pocket Platformer (on Sorry for my bad English.

Of course :) that's the whole point. There are already ~50 games made with pocket platformer, which you can check out in the "collection" link on pocket platformers description page

Okay thanks.

Loving this so far! Is there a way to rearrange the levels? For instance, if I want the current level 6 to be level 4 instead? 

Thx :) no, that's not possible, sorry. You could do it by opening the exported file and changing the code, but not inside the tool itself

Any plans to make it frame-rate independent? It's just about unplayably fast on my machine with the 144 Hz display...


Yes, some people already told me this. I have this on my bug-list


Do you have discord or twitter by any chance? (you can find the links to my profiles inside the tool on the right side)

I would like to send you a build to check if my solution for fps throtteling works, as i can't test it with my monitor :) 

This is really cool but it doesn't seem to work for me. Either because I'm using Firefox or because I'm on a Mac. Either way, I can't control the player at all


thx :) hm, strange. it should work on firefox too and we have some mac users who work with this tool. are you using a keyboard or a controller? are you in the play-mode when you try to move the player?

keyboard and play mode. :/


i'm sorry, but it's really hard to tell what the problem is, as you seem to be the first one having it. Maybe try updating Firefox, or try a different browser as a test 


I already said it in the Discord, but...this is a really beautiful tool you got here. I should've tried this a long time ago.

While I do love the tool as it is, I was wondering if there'll be a way for this to work offline as a progressive web app or whatever. In any case, I love it already.

Hi Lobster,

I really like your tool, but why can't I click on export? It just doesn't open anything. Im on Mac btw :-)


Thx :) i never tried it on mac tbh. I would recommend chrome in general, and usually thw file downloads automatically without a dialogue. Maybe check your downloads folder and it's already there. Or try a different browser

Thank you so much for your quick response. Chrome fixed the problem.

See ya! :-)

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The Fantasy Consoles Discord server is back!

For those that were wondering about whatever happened, the old server was sadly deleted by a hacker, and everything there was likely lost for ever.  So we made another one.  Stop on by and see what everyone is up to.

As of now, we have dedicated channels for:
(35) Fantasy Consoles
(20) Fantasy Computers
(21) Engines
(7) Game Creation Systems


(3) Works In Progress

Pocket Platformer is now included!


Hey! I've been loving this tool! Have you thought of hosting a Pocket Platformer Jam? I know a bunch of people who would be interested in participating. Let me know what you think! Maybe we can get a Discord set up. Thank you so much for making this!


thx a lot :) yes, i totally thought of a PP jam, but i want to get some more features done, until i start one. maybe in autumn or winter. there already is a discord for PP, if you open the tool, there is a link in the description. feel free to join :)


Already a powerful and intuitive tool, this still has a lot of potential as well. Nice to see you've included a way of playing music, even at this "early in development" stage. I can't wait to see what else you add to this! No, really, I CAN'T wait - I'm just going to make a game in it using what's already there! :D


Awesome :) keep me updated regarding your game

I've since made a 10-level game with Pocket Platformer - just before you added the NPC update actually - and I've been poking around in the HTML to see if I can mod anything outside of the editor. I'm not well-versed in Javascript but I've figured out how to customise the graphic for the cannonball and make different music play for each level... which means I now have to make a bunch of different music tracks before I can release my game! xD (If there's a way I can privately message you I could show you an early version of the game, but otherwise you may have to wait until it's ready for a public release.)

Designing the levels was simple and fun. The editor you made is really nice to use. I'm happy to see you've added NPCs to bring some more "flavour text" into games, too. I would've liked to have a greater number of tiles and decos available to customise, and even copies of the same enemies so they could look different in different levels, but I think I've made the best of what's there for now. 

Some "nice to have" features I'd like to see someday:

  • Multiple exits on a level, and each exit can be customised to link to a different level. That way you can insert "secret levels" for expert players to find.
  • Being able to change the player attributes (jump height, wall jump, dash, max  speed etc) and environment values (BG colour, music etc) for each level.
  • "Pick up"-able objects that disappear when you touch them, including keys to "unlock" doors when you collect a certain number of them.
  • A pickup-able object that changes the player's attributes to new specified values (essentially acting as a powerup) until the end of the current level, or until the main character dies an uncheckpointed death.
  • PNG images for the start and end screens, preferably linked to the game in the same way you've currently incorporated the audio.

Thanks again for making Pocket Platformer. I've always wanted to make my own platformer but too often the programs I've tried are too advanced for a casual like me.

thx for the long feedback :)

if you want to message me privately i would be glad to have a look at your game. you can find me on twitter or discord, both are linked in the description of pocket platformer :) 

i agree with your suggestions. some other people asked me for the same things, so i surely will implement some of them, especially more tiles and decos, because people really seem to enjoy crafting their own worlds :) 


Aw mann I tried importing something into the game and got a notification to refresh. When I did all my progress was gone TvT.  This is still great though. I had fun using it while I got pretty far into the game that was deleted.

I had the same issue. Every time i imported the file it would give me this...

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i can't tell what exactly went wrong, as usually it works fine for everyone. some users had problems because they had plugins in the browser (darkmode etc.). You could try to disable those, if you have any or try a different browser alltogether.

If you want, you can also send me your game in the discord or via twitter (both links are inside the tool), and i could have a look.

Hi thanks for the quick reply, I do in fact have plugins but disabling them did nothing and I also tried other browsers. It might be that I use public wifi and it won't let me import files?


Very pleasant workflow. Simple and straigth in the best style of "WYSIWYG". 
In my opinion its perfect to test PixelArt skills on small gamejams. ;)
Would be interesting see a gamejam only for games made with this tool.

Also, I want to point out that will be great if you could enable touch controls. So we could upload on itch io as mobile friendly easily, and also (maybe) use Website2APK to easily make mobile games.

nice! kinda reminds me of puzzlescript in a way.. can this export to actual 8 bit platforms like c64?

Thx :) no, it can just export hmtl files :)

nice reminds me of "golden8bit" game maker too for ease of use... Id like to sell a game if i use your engine :) is there plans for dialog branches/imported gifs? thanks!!!


Yes, I'm actually working on dialogues currently. Unfortunately my pc broke down some days ago, so it might take a while until there are updates. No gif support 


dont give up! we all await the next version :)

hi, also is there a way to add many more tiles (i can copy edit one but it disappears if i do it again for another tile) also... pushable  blocks?! :)


Very good to use! I would like it if the sprites got behaviors attached to them instead of them filling out limited slots. That way you only see the sprites you use in the game, and you can have multiple sets of tiles and different looking spikes. Adding rotation on spikes would be nice too.

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Hello brother i like your engine and wont to make game with...but in my country is blocked and there is not vpn everytime to use can sent me an offline version of your engine please..thanks! my email is:

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The Bitsy platformer edition.


Is there a way to redraw the player sprite?


Yes. In the select box in the "draw" section you can select every sprite. There you will also find sprites for different player states :)


Thank you! I had overlooked that


Love it so far!